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Feature Films

'Lost Angel' Dir Simon Drake

TV Programmes

'Help! Were Having A Baby' Documentary - BBC


Short films/Animations

Casper's Magical Journey - Composer

Libby Left Behind - Composer

Genie’s Christmas Wish - Composer

Kozal's Christmas - Composer

Out Of Nowhere - composer/sound designer

Stalemate - composer/sound designer

Inside - composer/sound designer

Cheers John - sound designer

Phillips Hue (promo Film) - composer/sound designer

Nectar 3d printer (Promo Film) - composer/sound designer

Blutak ad (Competition Entry) - composer/sound designer

Walmart ad (Competition Entry) - composer/sound designer

Doritoes ad (Competition Entry) - sound designer




F1 Manager 2022 (Pc & Consoles) - Composer

Elite Dangerous Odyssey (Pc & Consoles) - Composer

Wonderputt Forever (Netfilx game) - Composer/Sound Designer

Wonderputt (Online game & IOS) - Composer/Sound Designer

Flooded Village (Online game)  - Composer/Sound Designer

Flooded Village Holland (Online game)  - Composer/Sound Designer

Flooded Village christmas (Online game)  - Composer/Sound Designer

Smash out (Online game)- Composer

InchVille (Online game) - Sound Designer

Sorcerers Apprentice (3DS) - Sound Designer

Haunt (Xbox 360) - Sound Designer

Your in the movies (Xbox 360) - Sound Designer

Guitar hero DLC (Xbox 360) - Lead Engineer

Rock rev (Xbox 360) - Engineer




Published albums

'Sinister Soundtracks' - Orchestral

'One Earth' - Orchestral

'Light Acoustic sketches'

'Hopes & Dreams' - Orchestral


'Cinematic Stories' - Orchestral

'The Universe' - Orchestral

'Earth From Above' - Orchestral

'World Stories' - Multi-instrumental

'Smooth Jazz' - (Library music award nomination )

'Soul Time'

'Happy Days' - Ukulele 

'Acoustic Americana'  

'Life & Leisure' - Acoustic

'Acoustic Moments'

additional library tracks - Rock, Indie, Orchestral etc



Adverts - Music

Tesco Clubcard

Fairy Non Bio

Christian Aid

Thirst Pockets

Neff Ovens

Rubicon Juice

Co-Op Elections




TV Programmes - (Music Placements)

Schitt's creek

I,Daniel Blake

The Night Manager

Saturday Night Live (USA)

One Show

BBC's Natures weirdest Events

The Restoration Man

Coast And Country


Location Location Location

Country File

Love Your Garden

Beechgrove Garden

Me and My Pet

Mr Bloom

Nina And The Neurons


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